About [ T R A M S ]

“Trams” is Swedish and it means roughly, goofing around. That’s just what this project is about. It’s me, freelance drummer Niklas J. Blixt, using this platform to let all my creativity reign free. It’s not a strict music project, it’s more of an art/photo/video/music project, with me as the connecting tissue. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Why [T R A M S ] ?


After years of being and working as a “sideman” helping other musicians, producers, songwriters and such with their projects and music. I started to feel an urge to let out some of my own creativity. It’s not that I like working on others projects and help them get the results they’re after. I love that doing that.

But being a creative person, like I think I am, I started to gathering some ideas that I didn’t get to use anywhere else. Because working for someone else is about enhancing their idea and working for them. It’s not the same as getting to work totally on your own terms. That’s why I started this project.

[ T R A M S ] is not a strict music project. Even if the core of it will be my music. I’m taking my passion for creating music (writing, producing, mixing, playing drums and other instruments), and combining it with some of my other creative hobbies like photography, painting and creating videos.

So everything you’ll find on this site under the “label” [ T R A M S ] will be my ideas that I’ve created and/or have been the initiator for. The main reason why I’m doing this is to be able to let all my creativity flow and do what ever I feel like inside the framework of music/photo/art/video. We’ll see where it takes me and what comes out.

Even if it’s my creative outlet for my unused ideas and such, I’ll be more than happy if people likes it. But don’t see this project as me giving up on my freelancing as a drummer, sideman and other projects I’m involved in. That will still be my primary focus. This is just my side project that I’ll work on whenever I have some time and inspiration on my hands. So make sure to check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you’d like to get in touch to talk about this project or anything else regarding this, feel free to send me an email to trams@niklasjblixt.com or visit my other site niklasjblixt.com for more info about me and what I usually do.


Thanks for stopping by!